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Accumulators' Applications

Accumulators' Applications

Device Name: Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator

This is a flight simulator of the passenger plane. There is a cockpit and a monitor inside and this device is for the pilot training.
The accumulators are used to move the motion cylinder instantaneously supplementing oil for the pump.

Accumulator Item No.
HN-N21MP-120-QAAS16 (3 pcs.)
HN-N21MP-L40-QAAS12 (1 pce.)

Picture Provided by JALUX Inc.

Device Name: Wind Power Electricity Generator

Wind Power Electricity Generator

The accumulators are applied for the Wind Turbine Generator wing pitch control system and brake system.

Accumulator Item No.
HN-N21MP-LL5-AAC (1 pce.)
HN-N21MP-2.5-AAC (1 pce.)

Picture Provided by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

Device Name: Hybrid Injection Machine

Hybrid Injection Machine

The accumulators are used for speeding up of the injection cylinder.
The accumulator supplements the system with the oil stored in it and minimise the pump capacity.

Accumulator Item No.
HN-N21MP-L60-AXA124 (2 pcs.)

Picture Provided by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Plastics Machinery Division.

Device Name: Aircraft Fueling Facility (Fukuoka Airport)

Aircraft Fueling Facility

The picture shows the Aircraft Fueling Facility at Fukuoka Airport.
The accumulators are installed in the piping line which supply the fuel to the aircraft, and they are used for shock dampening of water hammer caused by the valve opening and closing.

Accumulator Item No.
HN-N15MP-L40-RAA (32 pcs.)

Picture Provided by Fukuoka Kyuyu Shisetsu Co., Ltd.

Device Name: Servicer (Aircraft Refuel Vehicle)


This is a vehicle which supplies the fuel to the aircraft.
The accumulators are screen type accumulator and two pieces of accumulators are used for shock dampening of the fuel supply line.
The screen type accumulator has a structure of a special oil discharge valve which has a small hole instead of the poppet valve on the oil discharge side and protects bladder from damage.
There is no need of worring about the damage to the poppet valve even when the minimum working pressure goes lower than the precharged gas pressure, as there is no poppet valve attached to this accumulator.
Beside this special bladder type accumulators,the piston type accumulator is used for the energy compensation in the hydraulic pressure drive source of the go up and down stand and the hose winding up device.

Accumulator Item No.
NH-N2MP-L30-XXH082 (2 pcs.)
HN-P25MP-L40-AXN363 (1 pce.)

Picture Provided by Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.

Device: Water Desalination Equipment

Water Desalination Equipment

The picture shows the Water Desalination Equipment which changes the seawater into the fresh water.
The accumulators are used for pulsation dampening for both charging side and discharging side.
The charging side is applying E series accumulator which wetted part is made of stainless steel and the discharging side is applying J series accumulator which is made of all stainless steel.

Accumulator Item No.
HB-J10MP-LL2-XXX125 (1 pce.) (Discharge side)
NN-E0.95-LL4-CXA151 (1 pce.) (Suction side)

Picture Provided by Capital Industry Co., Ltd.

Device Name: 400 ton Hydraulic Press

400 ton Hydraulic Press

They are Dynaclean installed in our factory. The factory is for forging jobs and there exists soot around the hydraulic system. So, the oil tank of the hydraulic press shall be cut from the ambient air. Then, this is where Dynaclean comes in.
The oxidation deterioration of the working fluid is prevented by installing Dynaclean and separating the fluid completely from the ambient air. The Dynaclean prevents the foreign matter entering into the oil tank and the longevity of the working fluid is obtained.
Dynaclean is used to minimize the air pressure change in the oil tank that presure change is caused by the oil volume change in the tank.
*When the working fluid is water glycol fluid, the piping which is made of stainless steel is installed for preventing the generation of the rust.

Accumulator Item No. (Dynaclean)
NN-L0.05-120-YAA (6 pcs.)