Technical Information

Integrated Manufacturing System

  • Material procurement after examination
  • Accumulator shell forging by means of computer operation system
  • Cluster of the NC machine tools integrating robots
  • Molding of the Pleated Bladder starting from the compounding of the material rubber
  • Accomplishment of the stabilized quality attained by constructing the integrated manufacturing line

“Quality Management Systems in accordance with the ISO 9001” deliver Quality Assurance.

①”Top Easy Maintenance Design”

Bladder can be replaced very easily and safely as the job can be performed without removing accumulator from the piping. So, no need of using crane and the workers are free from the dangerous jobs.


The gas change valve which has also “Fuse” function such as dischanging nitrogen gas inside the accumulator to the air when a fire has happened

③Standard Hanging Tool

The Standard Hanging Tool is for installing accumulator (Larger than 5L incl.) at site safely.

④Safety Vent

The safety mechanism against the mistake such as accumulator disassembly while nitrogen gas is still remaining in the accumulator. The remaining gas will be dischanged through this safety vent alarm sound.

NACOL is supplying the reliable products after finishing various examinations and tests for design verification such as “Stress Analysis”,”Bursting Test”,”Fatigue Test”,and “Working Test”.

①”Top Easy Maintenance Design”

“Top Easy Maintenance Design” of the NACOL accumulators makes the shell inside inspection possible or to replace bladders without removing Accumulators from the pipings, and very easily in a short time comparing to the same jobs required for the competitors’.
So, the least down time of the equipment will be required for the NACOL accumulator maintenance jobs.


NACOL invented Dynac Gas Valve which has more reliable gas tightness, endurability, cold/high temperature resistance than the conventional Core Type Gas Valve. The Dynac Gas Valve is installed to standard NACOL accumulators

③Pleated Bladder

Assisted by three bone shape pillars molded in the bladder, Pleated Bladder Design allows the bladder to get ideal form and to get the least buoyancy effect when pressurized. So, the NACOL bladders can escape from being their bottom area rise up by the buoyancy [U-tum phenomenon],and strong against fatigue.

④Seamless one-piece molded bladder

Resistant against “Local stress concentration”, and therefore keeps long stability.


Protects bladder bottom area from sharp bending.

“Top Easy Maintenance Design”

NACOL accumulator does not disperse the hydraulic fluid during the maintenance jobs, it is good also for the environment.

NOCOL accumulators are consisted of not so many parts, and so the disposition after segregation is easy.