What is the Accumulator?

The accumulator is a pressure vessel for storing hydraulic pressure in it utilizing compressible and decompressible nature of nitrogen gas. The accumulator has a similar function to the rechargeable electrical battery, in the field of electricity. Electrical energy is stored to the battery.
In the hydraulic field, fluid energy (pressure of the fluid) can be stored in accumulators and is discharged when required.

How the bladder type accumulator work?

  • Utilizing the compressibility of gas and non-compressibility of fluid, fluid energy is stored in and discharged out of the accumulator.
  • Charge Nitrogen gas into the accumulator (bladder).
  • When the fluid flows in to the accumulator, the precharged nitrogen gas is compressed.
    The fluid is stored in the accumulator as much as the nitrogen gas is compressed.
  • Stored fluid in the accumulator is discharged out to do powerful job when necessary.

How NACOL bladder work inside of accumulator?

You can find that NACOL bladder can shrink and expand in the ideal shape.
NACOL Pleats Type Bladders change their shape regularly
compressing and decompressing, according to the pressure change.