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We offer free NACOL technical data below.
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Request for the Set of Technical Data

The Set of General Catalogue and Technical Data

The Set of General Catalogue and Technical Data

General catalogue and technical data
*We offer them in the form of CD-ROM.

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General Catalogue

* We offer as you request.

CD-ROM version

general catalogue CD-ROM version

Brochure version

general catalogue Brochure version

Technical Data

Technical Data

We offer it in the form of CD-ROM.

Contents of Technical Data

Accumulator Sizing Program

The technical data includes accumulator sizing program which enables you to select most suitable accumulator easily.

  1. Energy Storage
    Calculation for accumulator size and oil discharge volume.
  2. Shock Dampening
    Calculation for accumulator size for dampening shocks from water hummer, moving or falling down item.
  3. Pulsation Dampening
    Calculation for accumulator size for pump pulsation dampening.
  4. Nitrogen Gas Charging Simulation
    Calculation seeking how many nitrogen gas bottles you may require to charge accumulators efficiently.

The technical data includes drawing data (DXF form) which is usable for CAD.

All data are in DFX form.
The drawing data is for standard type accumulators. Also, the drawings of SG valve with safety valve or with fuse plug are shown on the same sheet. You may change the top parts as you need.


←You can read the digitized general catalogue.

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