Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of gas shall be charged to the accumulator?

The gas charged to the accumulator shall be "Nitrogen Gas", absolutely.
Nitrogen Gas is the most inexpensive gas in the inert gas existing in the air.
The use of Oxygen is absolutely prohibited by all means, as it is explosive and very dangerous.

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Q. Is the nitrogen gas charged to the accumulator when NACOL ships out from the factory?

No, the nitrogen gas is not charged to the accumulator when NACOL ships out the accumulator. So, please charge the nitrogen gas to the accumulator before the use of it.

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Q. Should the nitrogen gas be charged to the accumulator after installing to the piping?

It does not matter either before installing or after installing to the piping. However, if you charge the nitrogen gas after installing the accumulator to the piping, confirm that the hydraulic system line is not pressurized yet, and opened to the atomospher.
When you will remove the accumulator from the piping, you do not have to discharge the nitrogen gas from the accumulator. But, before you remove accumulator from the pipe line, you must confirm for sure that the system is stopped, the accumulator is not pressurized by the system oil, and the accumulator does not contain any pressurized system fluid in it.

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