Exhibition Information: PTC ASIA 2014

 PTC ASIA 2014 will be held at Shanghai, China from October 27th (Mon.) through 30th (Thu.)
 Our subsidiary company JAPAN FLUID POWER EQUIPMENTS MFG. (SHANGHAI) LTD. will exhibit accumulators and hydraulic equipment accessories with Suzhou Horiuchi Machinery Co.,Ltd. for hydraulic cylinders and Hirose Valve Industry Co., Ltd. for hydraulic valves at the same booth.
 We will display 160L size accumulator’s Bladder Replacement Stand for the visitors, so the visitors can experience the easiness of maintenance for NACOL’s Top Easy Maintenance Design Accumulator.
 Also, Accumulators based on GB standard will be exhibited for your information. They are planned to go on sale by JAPAN FLUID POWER EQUIPMENTS MFG. (SHANGHAI) LTD.
 If you need an invitation card, please make contact with NIPPON ACCUMULATOR CO., LTD or JAPAN FLUID POWER EQUIPMENTS MFG. (SHANGHAI) LTD. We all are looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

 Site: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
 Exhibition place: E5-A1

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