"Change of Parts' Names"

 We, NACOL would like to inform you that we will change some parts' names as the following table from September 11, 2012. The change is only the parts' names and we will not change the specification of parts. We are planning to change the drawings, the Handling Manuals, the Catalogues etc. according to the change at any time.

Present Parts' Names New Parts' Names
Cap Valve Cap
Accumulator Cap with Dynac Valve Top Cap with Dynac Valve
Accumulator Cap Top Cap
Accumulator Cap (Only S Series) End Cap (Only S Series)
Lower End Cap (Only J & P Series) Bottom Cap (Only J & P Series)
Reduce Bush Bushing
Cap Nut Wrench Cap Wrench
Accumulator Cap Nut Top Cap Nut
Accumulator Cap Nut (Only S Series) End Cap Nut (Only S Series)

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